Classification and performance analysis of ceramic panel curtain walls

Ceramic curtain wall products can be divided into single-layer ceramic panels, double-layer hollow ceramic panels, and clay louvers; According to surface effects, it is divided into natural surface, sandblasted surface, grooved surface, printed surface, corrugated surface, and glazed surface. The hollow design of the double-layer ceramic board not only reduces the weight of the ceramic board, but also improves its breathability, sound insulation, and thermal insulation performance.

The performance of ceramic panel curtain wall products is mainly divided into the following three points:

1. Architectural artistry

There are a variety of ceramic plates, whose specifications can meet the needs of construction projects. There are various layouts such as flat plates and stripe plates, and there are various colors such as monochrome, combination color, stone color, landscape and portrait, which make the building more artistic.

2. Advanced structure, safe and durable

The ceramic panel curtain wall structure is advanced and has the same lifespan as the building, ensuring the long-term safe use of the building project. The ceramic panel curtain wall is a flexible structure that uses grooves on the back of the ceramic panel to hang on an elastic open aluminum profile crossbeam, and shock-absorbing spring plates are set between the back of the ceramic panel and the aluminum crossbeam. When subjected to wind loads, earthquakes, building settlement deformation, and temperature effects, there is a large displacement space to avoid ceramic panels hanging in grooves, which is safe and durable, and more suitable for making louver curtain walls.

3. Economy

The volume of ceramic panel curtain wall is 2g/cm, and the thickness is 15mm, which can meet the requirements of engineering use. Ceramic panels are 25kg lighter than stone per square meter, and can be 280t lighter per 10000 square meters. This can reduce the material used for the load-bearing keel of the curtain wall and also reduce the material used for the engineering foundation. Due to the protective liquid on the surface of ceramic panels, they can be cleaned without washing, saving cleaning costs. Overall analysis shows that they are economical.

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